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The SECRET to a good, calm dog.

> Are you tired of pulling, jumping, nipping, whining, and barking?
> Do you struggle to get your dog to listen, even if you use force or bribe with food?
> Does your dog cause you more stress than you bargained for?
> Do you sometimes wonder why you even HAVE a dog?

What would it be like to have a calm, quiet, and loyal dog, who looks at you with trust and respect?

Hi, I'm Elaine!

I'm a Professional Dog Trainer and Behaviourist.

Like you, I'm a dog and animal nut. I've been around dogs my entire life and I started training them more than 15 years ago. While tricks and obedience are pretty cool, I've always been more interested in having a solid relationship with a good, calm dog. That's why I became a certified dog trainer.

 Here's Milo, my German Shepherd/Norwegian Elkhound cross. He truly is a good, calm dog.

My career didn't start with dogs. I have a background in nursing, life coaching, and stress management for humans. While transitioning to dog training seems like a big change, it's not. The most important part of training dogs is educating you, the owner. Once you have the tools you need, you also can have a good, calm dog.


Corinne and Zilli

"Elaine is very personable and modelled what she was teaching with my dog. She helped with practical solutions as well as a new overall strategy and understanding of (dog) behaviour to stop Zilli's jumping and improve her impulse control."

About the Method

Screen Shot 2022-09-08 at 7.54.15 AM.png

You want your dog to listen to you. But WHY should he? Because he's being bribed with food? Because he is afraid of force or punishment? No, you want your dog to listen to you because you've won his mind and his heart. Because you are the leader that he loves, trusts, and respects.

How do you win the love, trust, and respect of your dog? How do you show the dog that you're the leader? Simple. By thinking like a dog and doing the things that lead dogs do.

If you're trying to help your dog, there's no use using cat psychology, or bird or fish psychology. In the same way, there's no use in using human psychology to help your dog. You must use dog psychology. You must learn to think like a dog.

This method teaches you how to think like a dog and interact with your dog the way that lead dogs interact with other dogs and puppies. That is how your dog will choose to listen to you. Because you have proven yourself to him.

> works on all dogs, all sizes, all breeds, all ages

> kind and gentle

> no force, manipulation, shock collars, or other equipment

> no food bribery

> solves the root of problems like jumping, barking, nipping, hyperactivity, anxiety, etc.

> simple and easy to use (kids, seniors, disabled people can use the method)

> 100% natural for the dogs and puppies

> prepares the dog for more advanced training if you desire (hunting, herding, etc)

> fosters happy and relaxed dogs 

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