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Puppy Training

Training your new puppy or solving your puppy problems is best done while the pup is still young. Waiting until they are bigger and stronger and more set in their habits is harder. The earlier, the better!

The KEY to Training Your Pup

The key to training your pup and solving those puppy problems is to get to the root of the problem. Don't just put a bandaid on it!

The root of the problem is all about who is the pack leader: you, or your puppy?

Becoming the pack leader in your pup's eyes will make you and your puppy's lives so much easier, calmer, and more fun!

Once you create a solid foundation for your puppy based on dog psychology, the solution to your training and behavioural issues are simple. Yes, I use treats and positive reinforcement, but we go much deeper than that. We win the pup's mind. 

Puppy Problems I can Help With...

> Aggression
> Barking
> Biting and mouthing
> Chewing
> Command training
> Crying at night
> Crying when left alone
> Crate training
> Excessive digging
> Following and attention seeking
> Feeding
> Pulling on the leash
> Toilet training
> General routine and care


There are four ways to work with me with your pup. Whichever option you choose, I'll help make training your puppy easy.

Option 1:
Private Consultation

You and your puppy come for a private consultation on my beautiful park-like property. Learn and practice all the pack leader rituals to make training a breeze.

Option 2:
At-Home Consultation

I will come to your home for an in-home consultation. You'll become the pack leader and train your puppy in your dog's environment.

Option 3:
Board and Train

Drop off your puppy at my property for a week of puppy training from me. I'll give your pup a head start, then teach you exactly what to do to maintain her progress

Option 4:
Puppy Class
Three Big Puppies

Bring your puppy to a local class. Gain the benefits of socialization, basic command training and learn some effective calming techniques

Not sure what's the best option for you? 
Call me 204-242-4883 to find what's right for you.
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