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But don't take my word for it. Here's what other dog owners have to say...

Dave and Carolyn Mahara

Informative, personally directed to individual dog’s character along with family dynamics.


I learned SO much from Elaine! Not simply what to do or not do but the rationale behind those ideas. I can't believe how quickly the changes took effect and how dramatic they were! I would definitely recommend Elaine & the training she provides dog owners!

Carole Ramsay

Elaine was a Wonderful trainer, kind & very knowledgeable! We got Alot of information we did not know or realize what we were doing. I would highly recommend her. We were already seeing positive results when she was here. And she stayed longer than the arranged time. Well worth the $ paid.


Elaine came for a follow-up appointment to check in and see the progress my dogs have made over the last 6 months. My 'COVID puppy' has especially gained confidence as I used the Golden Rules to show that I was in charge. Anxiety has decreased, calm has increased and it's all thanks to working with energy, not on specific training rules. I'd definitely recommend Elaine and her services!

Lizelle Merkus

Eliane responded so promptly I was completely surprised and much more assured by her clam and caring way of explaining the Golden Rules which made perfect sense. She listened attentively and followed up continually. She not only has a deep compassion for animals but also humans, which I believe are key in training any animal, since we are to be the pack leaders. THANKS Eliane and GOD BLESS all your future endeavours.


We had the best experience with Elaine. She took our wild, misbehaved, and crazy French bulldog for 2 weeks of private training and he came back a completely calm and relaxed dog. After the training she did a personal 3 hour in home training with us and our dog and we wished we did this sooner! She also is continuing to provide us guidance and communication whenever we need it. We highly recommend her. Thank you again!

Mike Turko

Yesterday, we did a 3 hour in-home consultations with Elaine, owner of Calm Canine Dog Training, regarding our 6 1/2 month old Rottweiler, Zero. He has been having 'adolescent' issues and we were at a loss. Putting it mildly, Elaine's teaching was game and life changing! She completely re-educated us on our understanding of our relationship with Zero, and taught us how to become calm, respected pack leaders. The results have already been amazing, and we know this will change everything for the better in a dramatic way. Zero, and ourselves, are already experiencing a huge relief. If you are feeling like you need a fresh start with your dog, contact her immediately!


Good experience and the "golden rules" in the training make perfect sense. Now it is up to me to follow through and become the pack leader instead of the dog.

Adam Memme

Elaine is an amazingly talented woman. She has a way with teaching that makes the subject matter click. 100% would recommend her if your dog is in need of some new tricks.

Parth Joshi

Elaine was just wonderful, she travelled so far to come and give us a consultation. She brought helpful and informative printouts so we could follow along with the techniques and strategies she was explaining to us. We could tell right away that Elaine was so passionate to help us and our puppy since we were the only ones worrying about time! Elaine stayed with us for the extra time at no additional cost. This was very nice of her as she so willingly and kindly answered all of our questions. At first I was scared about the amount I was paying for her services but soon quickly realized that her knowledge, experience and kindness is worth every single bit of if. Overall, I had a positive experience and I will for sure be recommending her to friends and family. Can’t wait to see how my puppy’s life changes with the new tools and techniques that Elaine has taught us. Thank you Elaine (if you’re reading).

Barb Klassen

Elaine came to our house and walked us through her training material. There were some eye opening things we learned! It was worth it and we would highly recommend her services.

Zineb Moustarzak

My partner and I contacted Elaine to help us with our reactive 3 year old dog. She came to our house and instantly made us feel comfortable with the situation. She allowed us to express our concerns and our goals and how we wanted our outcome to be. She identified ways that we can make our dog more comfortable to help her behaviour and make her feel safe rather than just correct the bad habits. Throughout the time she was at our house and we worked through different scenarios, we actually were able to see a difference in our dogs behaviour! We 100% would recommend Elaine. She’s welcoming, friendly, non judgmental and really has a lot of compassion for what she does.

Alyssa Dousselaere

She is very professional and knowledgeable her trips helped lots!

Knowledgeable, easy to talk to and explains concepts very well. We are noticing results with our dog on day 2!

Petronella Rushton

Before meeting up with Elaine I really thought our young Golden Retriever Jack was beyond help , he was definitely "the leader of the pack" so when Elaine came to our house I was very sceptical .

Was I ever wrong ! 2 weeks in of implementing new"rules" we already see a huge improvement, we are not one hundred percent there yet but we are convinced that with the guidelines Elaine has showed us we will get there.

Thanks Elaine !

Lois Fehr

Elaine was very knowledgeable and helpful. We noticed a difference in our dog's behavior after only a few minutes of using her techniques. It also helped us to understand our dog and our own behavior so much better. We have tried several other trainers, but none have helped us to understand where our dog is coming from the way she did. I highly recommend Elaine!

Ian Cabernel

I had a fantastic experience working with Elaine. She did a great job listening to our concerns about our furry family member, helping create a plan and giving us the right systems and tools to handle the stressful situations for our dog. I 100% recommend working with Elaine. Even my initial call with her before I decided to hire her to help us, she listened to my concerns and gave me helpful feedback and encouragement. I have nothing but good things to say about her and her positive training techniques! :)

Sylvain Martel

After a 2 and a half consultation our dogs behaviour has already improved. As long as we keep up with her program we will have a better dog! I highly recommend this to anyone who want to improve their quality of life for you and your dog.

Brenda Schmitt

Elaine is amazing! She came into our home with such a peace, such a calm presence and taught us so much. The dogs reacted beautifully to her and we were able to fully meet and greet our entire pack together in harmony! We so appreciate all the teachings and we learned so so much. Thank you Elaine!!

Lisa Davie

Learned so much from Calm Canine Dog Trainer. My 2 dogs Rue & Snookers are like what the heck your setting first how dare you lol
But guess what the lady rules the home & my 2 boys are doing so much better with healthy boundaries & they are understanding new language Thank you . Elaine
Your time your teaching has made big changes in my home ❤️❤️❤️
I highly recommend anyone having dog issues to reach out you won’t regret the investment !
Smiling at you Lisa 😉

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Elaine Bruewer and Milo
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