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Dog Training that Works

Best Friends

Do you dream of walking your calm dog on a loose leash? Do you dream of your dog racing to you every single time you call his name? Do you imagine impressing your family and friends with your calm dog that can sit, stay, come, and wait, among other cool tricks?

Training your dog is supposed to be fun for both you and your dog. 

If you and/or your dog are having a hard time and you aren't having fun, that's a clear sign that something's wrong.

Dog pulling on leash

Training Made Easy

Training is easy when your dog sees you as a pack leader. 

When your dog sees you as the one in charge, they can calm down, pay attention to you, and do what you say because - well, you're in charge!

The most important commands are SIT, STAY, COME, WALK, WAIT, OK, THIS WAY. Things like fetch, spin, shake-a-paw, and play-dead are just bonus tricks.

Whether you are teaching the important commands, or the bonus ones, your dog has to see you as the pack leader FIRST. 

When you are the pack leader first, teaching your dog is easy. Your dog will want to listen to you, not for the treat, but because you are the one in charge.


There are three ways to work with me. Whichever option you choose, I'll show you exactly what to do to be the pack leader in your dog's eyes so that training your dog is easy.

Option 1:
Private Consultation

You and your dog come for a private consultation on my beautiful park-like property. Learn and practice all the pack leader rituals to make training a breeze.

Option 2:
At-Home Consultation

I will come to your home for an in-home consultation. You'll become the pack leader and train your dog in your dog's environment.

Option 3:
Board and Train

Drop off your dog at my property for a week of dog training from me. I'll give your dog a head start, then teach you exactly what to do to maintain your dog's progress

Not sure what's the best option for you? 
Call me 204-242-4883 to find what's right for you.
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