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Frequently Asked Questions

You talk about "pack leader" a lot. Does this mean I have to dominate my dog with force?

No, there is no force or domination tactics required. You don't have to out-power your dog, but you do have to out-wit your dog. Being the pack leader means that you have to understand what your dog is thinking and use dog psychology to earn your place as pack leader, rather than rely on force, pain, shocks, or intimidation to get your way.

There's no force? Does that mean that I never say no to my dog?

Again, you are going to use dog psychology to out-wit your dog. This means that the dog will give you fewer scenarios in which you have to say no. That being said, I'll teach you how to "say no" to your dog and give him consequences to his actions that actually work. Dogs are very logical. They understand consequences very well when they are delivered correctly.

Pretty sure I'm already the pack leader, how can I tell?

Does your dog bark at strangers or out the window? Does your dog hide food in the couch cushions? Does your dog pull on the leash? Does your dog only sometimes come when you call? Does your dog know how to get your attention? If you answered yes, then , sorry to break it to you, but you're definitely not the pack leader. Don't be too hard on yourself however because to be a pack leader, you have to know some dog psychology; you cannot use human psychology to become pack leader. You could train your dog to salute you and get down and give you 20 push ups, but it wouldn't mean that your dog sees you as the leader.

How many times do you have to see my dog?

Typically, once. I don't really train your dog, as much as I train you how to interact with your dog in such a way that she sees you as pack leader. That's why my services offer the best bang for your buck. Because after our time together you are absolutely empowered with the knowledge you need. 

After our consult, what if I have more questions or I run into problems?

I'm here for you for the lifetime of your dog. If you have a question, we will either email or talk on the phone about it. As long as your pooch is in your life, so am I. Like I said, my services really are the best bang for your buck.

Be honest with me. Does this actually work? Will it actually work for my dog?

I have never heard of a dog or puppy that this doesn't work on. Unless your dog is actually a cat, your dog understands dog psychology. So when you apply the pack rules with your dog, he automatically GETS IT. As long as you are applying the rules 100%, it will work for you and your dog. Some dogs are simple and follow along immediately, while others are tricky and it'll take a few weeks. Your dog will be in your life for a decade; what's a few weeks?

Will this training method make my dog perfect?

Nope. If you want perfect, get a robodog. This method doesn't make your dog perfect; nothing and no one is perfect. My services give you knowledge and tools so that you know how to calm your dog down, train them, and form a strong relationship with them. 

Do I stop using the method when my dog is fixed?

First of all, this method isn't about fixing your dog; she's not broken or bad. She is misunderstood. This method offers you a way to understand your dog and work with her. That's not something you'll ever stop doing. It's a bit like manners in the human world. Saying please and thank you is a human custom that isn't just for kids to be more polite; it's a lifelong thing. Likewise, as long as you have a dog, use this method. 

Did you make up these rules and rituals?

I did not make them up. No human did. These rules and rituals are dog-made. That's why dogs follow them.

How do I work with you and how much does it cost?

There are a few options to work with me. Click here for more information.

I have more questions. How can I answer them?

Contact me through this website, or email me at, or call me at 204-242-4883.

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