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Are you struggling with your dog?

Having a dog is supposed to fun, rewarding, and a source of joy and relaxation. 

But, all too often it turns into a nightmare; a source of stress, anxiety, and frustration. 

> pulling on the leash
> aggression
> barking
> jumping up
> anxiety
> hyperactive
> disaster walks
> nipping and biting
> following you around the house
> separation anxiety
> whining
> not coming when called
> stealing
> running away
> dislike of strangers
> toilet training issues
> fearful and unconfident 
> more...
Get to the ROOT of the PROBLEM

Your dog or pup's problems can seem overwhelming, confusing and random. But there is a very simple reason for your dog's problems. It is this: your dog believes he's in charge. 


> Is your dog aggressive? That's because she believes it's her job to protect you, the den (your house, and the rest of the pack).

> Is your dog anxious? That's because he feels he has so much responsibility on his shoulders and he can't cope.

> Is your dog hyperactive? Because she sees herself as pack leader, she'll keep herself busy with everything.

> Does your dog bark a lot? As the one in charge, he thinks it's his job to keep watch and tell danger to go away.

> Does your dog jump up? That's because, as pack leader, she's demanding that you pay attention to her. 

Elaine Bruewer Milo and Ivy

You see? Every problem that you have with your dog or pup is rooted in the fact that your dog has assumed the role of pack leader.

The root of your dog's problem is that he is the pack leader, and you are not.

This means that to solve your dog's problems, you must become the pack leader.

Become the Pack Leader

There's no point in using a clicker, treats, or a shock collar to solve your dog's problems. Those methods DO NOT GET TO THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM. They do not make you a pack leader in your dog's eyes and so are a waste of your time, money, and energy.

Being the pack leader for your dog does NOT involve force, dominance, pain, intimidation, or aggression. 


Being the pack leader for your dog involves you thinking like a dog, and following the rituals and rules that pack leaders follow.

These rituals and rules are around everyday events like: feeding your dog, approaching your dog, how and when to pet your dog, how to deal with "danger" around the home, and how to go on a proper walk. 

If you do these everyday things a certain way with your dog, you'll give him the message that you are in charge. That you are the pack leader.

Benefits of Being the Pack Leader

As soon as your dog sees you as the pack leader, she will be calm and relaxed. This is because the responsibility of being in charge has been removed from her shoulders.

> calm and relaxed
> problems disappear
> easy to train
> listens to you
> comes when called
> more confident to follow your lead
> improves dog's health
> calmer, happier household 


There are three ways to work with me. Whichever option you choose, I'll show you exactly what to do to be the pack leader in your dog's eyes so that your "problem dog" can become a good, calm, family dog.

Option 1:
Private Consultation

You and your dog come for a private consultation on my beautiful park-like property. Learn and practice all the pack leader rituals to solve your dog's problems.

Option 2:
At-Home Consultation

I will come to your home for an in-home consultation. You'll become the pack leader and solve your dog's problems in your dog's environment.

Option 3:
Board and Train

Drop off your dog at my property for a week of dog training from me. I'll give your dog a head start, then teach you exactly what to do to maintain your dog's progress

Not sure what's the best option for you? 
Call me 204-242-4883 to find what's right for you.
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